Word Nerd Wednesday

Word Nerd Wednesday – Pluviophile


I had a disappointing summer but probably the most disappointing thing of all was we barely had any rain. You see, I’m a pluviophile. From the Latin “pluv” or “pluvio” for rain, and of course “phile” for love, pluviophiles are the weirdos who don’t immediately moan and groan on rainy days. We rather love it. The only thing that dampens (heh) my mood on a rainy day is if I have places to be, especially places where my hair has to look nice because humidity and my hair are mortal enemies. Rainy days are best spent at home. I took this past summer off after my stressful first year as a classroom teacher and I was looking forward to waking up to rainy mornings and not having to immediately get out of bed and schlep to work. Unfortunately, it was a dry summer and I didn’t get to spend one rainy morning in bed with my Kindle.


Why would anyone love rain??

Well let’s see…

  1. The gray sky means it’s darker in the morning, so if you have nowhere to be it’s way easier to sleep in.giphy
  2. The sound of the rain pattering on the streets is the perfect white noise to aid in rainy morning oversleeping.
  3. No one will lazy-shame you for not doing anything that day.  “Yeah, I was going to run a marathon today but it was raining….”  Cue sympathetic looks free of judgment.
  4. All that rain helps the grass stay green, lustrous, and shiny.  Our grass was so pitiful, dead, and depressing to look at this summer.  And forget about walking on dry, crunchy grass…it’s right up there with stepping on Legos for foot-friendliness.
  5. The way the water droplets collect on the windows, creating a natural mosaic.  You can also lip-sync to a Jewel song while staring out said window and feel very 90s.tumblr_nykqlmcWvA1v0nqmxo1_500
  6. The smell of the rain, which is called “petrichor”.  The smell is a mixture of the soil and plant oils.  It smells so fresh and earthy and I love it.
  7. It’s fun to stand out in the rain (when there’s no lightning).  Close your eyes, throw your head back, and enjoy the free shower.  Of course, you’ll need to take a real shower after, but there’s something refreshing and romantic about standing in the rain.630a02d0-3abd-0133-5b70-0aecee5a8273
  8. The reflection of lights in the rain can turn your average scrubby looking road into a painting.tumblr_n0t8deRNYz1rfp1lho2_r1_1280
  9. The gray blanket of clouds and downpours is comforting to me.  I remember loving rainy days when I was in school.  It made the lights indoors seem brighter, and the contrast of the gray outside the window felt soothing and comforting.  You don’t have to worry about ducking from rays of sun that seem to purposely place themselves so they can blind you and give you a headache.oDu7Ha
  10. Do you need to have a really good, soul-cleansing cry?  Why not cry with the clouds?  Maybe I’m getting too emo.269


Of course, rain is still a pain when it’s torrentially downpouring during prom, a wedding, a trip to an amusement park, on your way to an interview, or when it causes flooding and massive damage. Obviously, I enjoy my rain in moderation, as everyone should. It’s no fun having your property destroyed.


Overall, though, rain is a lovely thing. It keeps the plants growing, adding color to our landscapes and giving us food. One of my favorite rain stories is when I was at Epcot on a brutally hot July day. It started to downpour and at first, it was inconvenient, running for cover with hundreds of other rain poncho-clad tourists. It cleared up after ten minutes like most Floridian rain showers, and it was at least ten degrees cooler out. Thanks for having my sweaty back, rain!

If you are a pluviophile, why do you love rain? If you’re just not that into rain, what’s your absolute favorite type of weather? Comment and let me know!


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