Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday: Coconut Pancakes with Honey

Coconut Pancakes

Breakfast is the one meal I could not give up. I absolutely love breakfast buffets where I can sample every sweet and savory breakfast food under the sun. And breakfast for dinner? AWESOME. Plus, I’m all British and German so the desire for meals that are completely meat and carbs is simply part of my genetic makeup. This week I’m sharing a recipe I found for coconut pancakes, to honor The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. When Jace brings Clary to Taki’s, a diner catering to the supernatural beings of NYC, she orders coconut pancakes, tops them with honey, and washes it all down with a large cup of coffee. I absolutely LOVE the flavor of coconut (I named my pet hamster Coconut when I was ten, that’s how deep my love goes) so I knew I had to make these myself.

I found a recipe on She Wears Many Hats for coconut pancakes and it looked pretty simple and delicious. Many of the recipes called for coconut flour on top of all the other coconut ingredients, and I’m too poor to buy special flours. If you’re looking for a gluten-free option there are a TON calling for alternatives to wheat flour.

Pancake Time!


The first step is mixing all the dry ingredients together: sugar (which we keep in an old OJ bottle), baking powder, flour, baking soda (which we keep in an old feta cheese container…PLEASE DO NOT PUT FETA CHEESE IN YOUR PANCAKES!), and sweetened coconut flakes.


Ta-da!  Mixed!  Not bad so far.


In a separate bowl, I mixed the wet ingredients: melted butter, buttermilk (shake before pouring), coconut milk (shake before opening the can and pouring…it separates in the can and you’ll pour all the white chunks out and be left with clear coconut oil/water/idk like I did), and an egg.


I whisked this all together until evenly mixed. Then I poured the wet mixture into the dry mixture and evenly mixed them. I poured a little of the wet ingredients in at a time so it didn’t overwhelm the dry mixture and make it too clumpy.


The finished batter WILL be clumpy, but it’s clumpy from the coconut flakes. Make sure there aren’t pockets of dry mixture still in there, but don’t over-mix the batter or it might get too liquidy.

Then, I put butter in a frying pan and let it warm up, and added the batter to the pan.


If you usually put butter on your pancakes, I highly recommend cooking them with butter instead of cooking spray or oil. It gives them a rich, buttery flavor and crisps up the edges of the pancake perfectly.

coconut pancakes honey

I drizzled honey on them to stay true to the pancakes Clary ate. I might switch to honey for all my pancakes. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE maple syrup, but honey was a nice change! Sweeter than maple syrup, but a more subtle flavor. The pancakes soaked the honey right up. The pancakes were very dense, rich, and filling, so you might wind up eating half the pancakes you normally do. I didn’t get too much of a coconutty flavor so I might add a drop of coconut extract the next time I make them (probably tomorrow morning). I want it to taste like I’m eating a coconut daiquiri. If you’re not a fan of the texture of coconut flakes, these might not be for you. I LOVED it. It added an extra depth to the texture of the pancakes. I would definitely make these again, and I’ll add a side of bacon and cup of coffee.

Honey Bee Martini

For all the Thirsty Thursday purists out there who came here for liquid breakfast, here’s a delicious coconut vodka and honey martini recipe from Marla Meridith. The ingredients are all easy to find in a grocery store (if lavender honey isn’t your thing or you can’t find it, I’m sure regular honey will do the job). I hate when cocktail recipes ask you to make your own blood-orange-sage-thyme-infused-rose-water-based-simple syrup. This recipe doesn’t require any effort, unless you find dumping ingredients into a shaker and shaking it taxing. If that’s the case, just go to a bar and order a drink. I love that honey naturally sweetens this martini instead of a simple syrup. In addition, honey is great for sore throats! Get your drink on with less guilt!

Do you have a great recipe for coconut pancakes? Share it with me in the comments!


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