Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday: Cooking with Tyler Oakley

There are SO MANY YouTube videos dedicated to cooking and mixology, but I wanted to bring attention to a video with Tyler Oakley to go with my review of his book, Binge.

Luckily, he is good friends with Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen, my first YouTube obsession, and they frequently collaborate on videos. The set-up of My Drunk Kitchen is simple: Hannah and guests get drunk and cook something. I love this series because Hannah rolls with whatever happens. When you’re drunk and trying to cook something, it’s guaranteed things are not going to go smoothly. Hannah doesn’t let that get in her way; she plows ahead with the recipe. The results are hilarious. The recipes are usually simple so you can easily try her recipes at home. Sometimes she doesn’t even follow a recipe.

Here is one of their collaborations, where they make taco baked potatoes:

See? Pure joy! Silliness! Easy recipe! You need to bake some potatoes, brown some ground turkey with taco seasoning, and stuff the potatoes with the turkey, cheese, and avocado. So user-friendly!

For a beverage, Hannah soaks frozen berries in vodka to make an infusion, and then mixes the vodka with sparkling water. This is not rocket science. If drunk people can make it, so can you.

The appeal of Hannah Hart and Tyler Oakley is how personable and casual they are. Watching their videos makes you feel like you know them. They’re silly, punny, and obviously enjoying themselves. Their joy is infectious. Who wants to watch Food Network cooking shows when you have My Drunk Kitchen? I’d rather watch Hannah and Tyler make a mess while attempting to make pancake art than watch Ina Garten get dinner on the table as her husband arrives home from work. Hannah’s and Tyler’s videos are easy to relate to because they don’t take themselves too seriously. They make cheesy puns, they use their hands to eat, they drop ingredients all over the place, and they don’t give a shit if the food comes out looking like roadkill. The important thing is they had a BLAST making it together. I’m definitely envious they get to do this for a living.

Are you a fan of Hannah and/or Tyler? Share your favorite videos with me in the comments!


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