Word Nerd Wednesday

Word Nerd Wednesday: Koi No Yokan

Last week I explored a dark side of love with ya’aburnee so I promised something lighter this week and I’m going to deliver! The topic is love again, but instead of discussing the deep, dark fears that go with love, I’m going to talk about those wispy tinglies of love’s first bloom. I’m puking flowers and rainbows.


Have you ever met someone and immediately felt like you were going to fall in love with the person? The Japanese have a term for this feeling: koi no yokan. A literal translation of this term is “premonition of love.” Whether you wind up falling in love with that person is debatable, but the feeling is undeniable.

You see your Designated Hottie across the room and butterflies infiltrate your stomach. A slight case of vertigo leaves you light-headed and dizzy. You hear your pulse in your ears as your intense focus on this person drowns out all the other sounds around you.


You begin to imagine the love story you will write with this person. Your meet-cute, first date, late night texts, officially becoming a couple, spending holidays together, comforting each other through setbacks and heartbreaks, and building a life together.


Of course, most of the time koi no yokan ends with only a crush, however fleeting or long and drawn out. There’s been one time in my life when I felt koi no yokan and wound up in a relationship with the person. Sometimes it’s better if koi no yokan is brief and fleeting, so you get all the butterflies with none of the heartbreak and letdown of an actual relationship. Alternatively, it could only be a case of lust at first sight.


Whatever it may be, let the daydreamy waves of koi no yokan sweep you away for the moment. Enjoy the rush.


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