Word Nerd Wednesday

Word Nerd Wednesday: Backpfeifengesicht

After a few weeks of lovey-dovey BS, I’m getting back to my default emotion: bitter rage. The best language for that is German. This week’s word, backpfeifengesicht, speaks to me. And, like all German words, it’s fun to say.

Ever seen someone and you wanted to punch them? I’m not talking about someone cutting you off in traffic, or being a really slow walker, or taking the last bag of Chicken and Waffle Chips you were about to grab at the grocery store because you’ve been craving them for weeks and were finally caving in. I’m talking about someone with a backpfeifengesicht: a face that’s crying out for a punch.


Maybe I’m a bad person, but I see backpfeifengesichts everywhere. There’s just something obnoxious about some faces that brings out the raging, violent, roided-out d-bag who resides deep in your heart. Some people unleash a fury in your soul for no other reason than their stupid, dumb faces.

Especially when that dumb face is attached to Pete Campbell.
Especially when that dumb face is attached to Pete Campbell.

Of course, you definitely SHOULDN’T punch someone because he or she has a punchable face. I’ve never done it, I promise! I’m peaceful! If the rage is real, picture that dumb face on a pillow and beat the crap out of the pillow. Person-on-pillow violence is okay, person-on-person violence, not so much. Pillow-on-person violence…is that a thing? Probably.

Anyway, it’s great there’s a word for this, proving that my struggle of seeing punchable faces is real.


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