Word Nerd Wednesday

Word Nerd Wednesday: Fernweh

It’s roughly a month and a half until spring break. We’re in the home stretch of winter. Fernweh is coming with a vengeance.

Fernweh is the desire to travel, a synonym for wanderlust. Both fernweh and wanderlust are German words. Maybe the Germans have an intense passion to get the hell out of Germany. Who knows?

Most of the time I’m fine with staying home. I like the area I live in (although others think I’m crazy, I’ll always be a Jersey girl). I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. However, there are those times when I yearn to get away. To see something different. To experience another way of life, another culture.


It’d be awesome to be so stinkin wealthy you could charter a plane to take you anywhere at any time. Imagine feeling like going to France and being able to pack a few bags and head over?

When you get a severe case of fernweh, where is it you desire to escape to?



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