About Me

tsundoku (n.) – the act of purchasing books and letting them pile up without reading them

holic – suffix denoting an addiction

Hello, I’m Lindsay and I’m a recovering tsundokuholic.  How does one recover from the bad habit of collecting books and never actually reading them?  By overcompensating and forcing yourself to finish every single book you pick up.

I can be a bit of an extremist.

After a couple of years of wasting valuable time forcing myself to read not-so-great books, I’m reaching a happy medium of sticking with a book I pick until the halfway point and then deciding whether or not to continue.  Now I’m giving books a chance before quitting them while refusing to take up time with a not-so-great book when I could be finding a book I could potentially LOVE.  No more piles of unfinished books.  No more taking 2 months to slog through a book I’m just not that into.

After a few years of rather voracious reading I’ve decided to start inflicting my views of books upon others.  You’re welcome.  Being a woman of extremes I can’t promise that I won’t fly into expletive-riddled fits of rage/fangirling.  I also really love animated gifs.