Ratings Scale

I’ve based my ratings scale on the Goodreads scale with some extra explanation and a rating of 0 as well.

Ratings Scale

0 – Did not finish the book.  I promise I tried.  I just wasn’t into it on any level.

1Did not like it.  But hey, I finished it!

2It was okay.  Ambivalent feelings.  The book had some redeeming qualities but not enough for me to really like it.

3Liked it, might recommend to friends if it seems like something they would be interested in.  Example: I am usually not a fan of romance novels, but I might still recommend a 3 star book to a friend who loves romance.

4Really liked it, but not enough to actively want to re-read in the future.  Would recommend to a friend without being a crazy fangirl about it.

5It was amazing, LOVED IT.  Would read again.  Will tell all my friends about it until they finally read it so I’ll stop being annoying.  Bookshelf status.

PS.  If anyone knows how I can get a customized ratings do-hickey lemme know…I dream of rating on a scale of 1-5 pickles (preferably kosher dill or garlic).