2016 POPSUGAR Challenge

April Reading Challenge Round Up

Books Read: Sooo I accidentally deleted my photo of this month’s books and since they’re mostly library books I’ve already returned, I’m not going to be able to take a new one D: Pirates! followed two swashbuckling young women not only through the Atlantic Ocean, but also past barriers of race and gender. Challenger Deep followed another… Continue reading April Reading Challenge Round Up

2016 POPSUGAR Challenge · Flashbook Friday

Flashbook Friday: And Then There Were None

Pre-Reread Thoughts At some point in high school, And Then There Were None was mandatory reading in English class. As a fan of the Clue movie and The Westing Game, I was excited to read a murder mystery, and was determined to solve the case. I even kept notes on clues and characters, and I still wound up being completely… Continue reading Flashbook Friday: And Then There Were None